Max burning speed = 2X?


My gosh I’ve done a lot of research on this one.
I’m trying to burn a DVD with a SONY DVDRW DW-D56A
I’ve recently updated the firmware to: PS08 (previously PYS1)
The disc code of the DVD I’m using is: CMC MAG. AM3

When trying to burn via NERO the max speed that I’m allowed to burn at is 2X. In fact I don’t get a choice, it’s just 2X (grayed out)
Similiar results via ROXIO.

Any ideas?! :confused:

PFS3 is the newest firmware for your drive. flsah to it and then test again.
you can download PFS3 here:

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it made it past 2X!!
It can now go to 8X!!

… but it’s a 16X cd and drive. any furthur suggestions?

It will only go as fast as the media allows. The firmware determines this for each media ID. Again, if you will post your media ID it will be much easier to see if their is a problem or if you are at max.