Max allowed Write Speed changes for same DVD!



I am using Nero Burning ROM with a LG GSA-4166B. This drive supports 16x DVD burns. I kept noticing that each time I inserted a blank DVD that is supposed to be rated 16X (Memorex CMC MAG. AM3) from the same spindle that Nero showed a different Maximum allowed Write Speed prior to my burning it. Sometimes it was 16X, sometimes it was 4x. The subsequent actual burns were consistent with what showed up as the Maximum Write Speed with the 4X taking 3 to 4 times as long as the 16X. This started getting really annoying. So I tried using the very same DVD over and over again. Sometimes the very same DVD shows a Maximum Write Speed as 4X, somtimes 16X. Then I brought up Nero CD-DVD Speed. It showed the exact same results as Nero Burning ROM (when both applications are runnning together) each time I ejected and inserted the same DVD. This same thing happens with different blank DVDs from the same spindle. Sometimes a DVD will show 4X, but when ejected and inserted, it could go to 16x, etc. This is driving me crazy. How is it possible? What exactly does Nero Burning Rom and Nero CD-DVD Speed use to determine the maimum allowable Write Speed (since the drive, firmware, and the DVD media are staying exactly the same)?


Well, I don’t know but could only guess. The speed is supposedly set by a combination of the media and what your burner says to do with that media. It would therefore seem logical that the exact same media would get the same results.

Perhaps the media is being read differently each time. Do you have any other specifics about the media you might be able to compare each time? Are you opening the drawer prior to retesting the media? Are you restarting Nero before each test, or could some information from a previous test be stored and interferring with the next test? Nero may need to burn to discard previous information.

If you test 5 of the same media, are the results about the same as testing the same disc 5 times?

Have you checked your log to see if the media shows up the same each time you burn?

That might be a good question to ask Nero.