Max 32x on 48125s

When I try to burn discs at 48x with my 48125s, Feurio always reports this:


The CD-writer “E: [1, 1, 0] LITE-ON - LTR-48125S” can normally writeCD-blanks (CD-Rs) with up to 48 times.
But after analysing the inserted blank, the writer has reduced the speed to 32 times. (and so on…)

Seems kind of strange as I use 52x-certified media. Fujifilm 1-52x Multispeed (european) to be more precise.
Is this a problem with my writer or is the Fujifilm media as poor quality as the drive reports?

They probably haven’t added support for that particular media to the firmware yet, although you may be using an older version of the firmware and that maybe the problem. One sure way to find out is to use the LiteOn Smartburn version 2.1 utility. It can be downloaded here:

Check it out and report back please (just copy and paste the information from Smartburn), since people in this group seem to think very highly of Fuji (rebranded Taiyo Yuden) media and would be interested in your results.

Thanks for your reply.
Here’s the info from SMART-BURN:

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 26s 45f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 73f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = Unknown
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 32X
BTW, they are most definetly not TY:s as they are “Made in Germany” according to the box.

You mean that for speeds above 32x every brand has to be “hard coded” into the firmware? :confused:
In that case I’ll probably never be able to burn with higher speeds on these Fujis,
because LiteOn doesn’t seem to release any new versions for the 48125s, right?
(Yes, I do have the latest version available.)

Here’s the CD-R in question:

Click on “More information” and “Tech. details” for extremely detailed information.
Maybe it’s also important to mention that I’m very satisfied with these discs, except this speed problem…

lite-on hasn’t added the manufacturer & smartburn speed to its firmware. thats why its showing unknown manufacturer.

Smartburn limit for unknown media is always 32x.

OK, thanks.

Do you think mentioning this problem to LiteOn will have any effect?

The manual says Fujifilm is a supported manufacturer. I guess they mean the ones made by TY,
but how am I as a “regular stupid user” supposed to know that?! :rolleyes:
I think they should keep their promise to support Fujis and update the firmware for me!! :slight_smile:

Can’t see any harm in contacting LiteOn and requesting that it be added to the next firmware upgrade. May get them off thier butts and put out a new firmware.

The only two options you have as of now is to use a burning software that allows you to turn off the Smartburn feature (Nero Burning Rom is one) so that you can burn the discs at the 48x maximum speed your burner supports.

The other option is to use mtflash to flash your drive to the latest version of the firmware for the LTR-48125W (that being VS0B dated 02/25/2003) and hope that they have added support for the Fuji media you are using. No guarantees on that one though. Perhaps someone who has a LTR-48125W or LTR-48125S with VS0B and has some of the Fuji media in question can post their Smartburn results here.

no harm in contacting Lite-On.

your 48125S burner requires the 1S05 firmware & not VS08 or VSOB which is for 48125W.

lite-on hasn’t recently released new firmwares for their earlier 48x12x48x burners (except VS0B for 48125W).

Maybe they’ll update the old burners’ firmware after they finished tweaking the new ones.

my exp:

My 48125S (1S05) has Smartburn limit = 40x for my princo 48x

My 48246S (SS0B) has Smartburn limit = 48x for my princo 48x

When you’re certain that the discs are at least 48x certified why not just turn off the SmartBurn option?

Well…I’ve just learned that it’s possible in Nero and from now on I will do that for data-CDs.

As far as I know this isn’t possible in Feurio though (which I use for Audio), but if you know a way I will be more than happy to hear it! :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone for helping me out!
I’ll send a mail to Fujifilm and LiteOn as soon as I get the time.

Originally posted by the_Matrix
When you’re certain that the discs are at least 48x certified why not just turn off the SmartBurn option?

when you turn smarburn off, the quality of burn isn’t guaranteed.

when smartburn is on, it also keeps checking burn quality while burning & if there is any problem, automatically reduces the burn speed.

so, when SB is off, there is possibility that you may get loads of C2 errors. if you are lucky & media is good, you may also get 0 errors.