Mawell DVD-R

does any one know how to get maxwell dvd-r to work with convertx because ive had revert to tdk discs instead .thanks

Perhaps you mean Maxell? Both Maxell and TDK buy blank disks from various sources, so it is difficult for us to tell you which ones you are trying to use. They don’t make their own disks anymore.

Use DVDIdentifier to find the mid code if you are interested. ImgBurn can also show this (as disk id code). It seems the disks Maxell is using are not particularly compatible with your dvd drive. You can try burning at a slower speed, and you should check to see if there is a firmware update for your drive. ImgBurn can check for firmware…look in Tools–>Drive–>Check for Firmware Updates.

ImgBurn is a free burning program, found here: