Mavica weirdness

I just abandoned adaptec in favor of Nero/inCD, but I have some weirdness with CD’s from my Mavica camera.

Previously, with adaptec, I could read the CD’s with my computer at any point during the photo process, put it back in the camera and continue.

But now I actually have to “finalize” the CD using the camera before I can view them.

I have no other problem with Nero, both with small and regular CD’s, so I don’t think it’s a configuration problem or a problem with my CD drive.

Is this a known issue?


The camera was packaged with Adaptec DirectCD to enable reading the CDR’s in “unfinalized” form.

With Nero or any other burning software, you are writing a multisession disk. This is a different process than DirectCD packet writing. This is the generic default mode for operating the camera with other burning software.

Using the CDR in multisession mode requires finalizing and initializing to record more images. This uses about 13.5 MB of disk memory each time the session is closed. Due to this memory overhead, you would probably get more images per disk with DirectCD.

You can also download the images to your computer through the USB port without finalizing the images first.

Nero and Easy CD Creator and DirectCD (latest version) can coexist on the same computer with no problems.

InCD and DirectCD can’t coexist.