Mavica CD350 Movies

Hi Folks,

I am a little familiar with burning SVCD movies, but not a pro, and I will try over and over until I can solve a problem, but the problem I am having now I can’t seem to figure out.

I bought the Mavica CD350 Digital camera, which copies either pictures, or movies to a CDRW mini disk. The file is saved as a mpeg.

I tried numorous types of software to convert this to a VCD or SVCD so I can view from my DVD player, with no luck.

I am at work right now, but I am recording with one of the options set to SVCD, rather than PAL ( I think thats what its called).

I am open for all suggestions you may have, because if I am not able to view these from my DVD player, then I will want to return the camera, and time is running out for me.



SVCD can be Pal/NTSC. Pal and NTSC are TV Systems used in diff part of the world which have diff frame rates and res. So most likely the reason you are not able to view anything in your DVD player is coz it isn’t Multi-System(NTSC AND PAL) . It is most likely only NTSC. So coz all your Cam writes is PAL anjd thus nothing plays on you Player. Today majority of players are Multi-sys and hence play anything. Also another reason could be that you Player is not SVCD capable(coz it has diffrent res/audio freq/bitrate than a standard VCD/DVD). So if you keep making SVCD’s, then it won’t play those(alos majority of players do play SVCD’s today).

Hope this helps.

PS. Also try VCDEasy(freeware ver- It works perfectly everytime.

If your dvd is not Pal capable try re-encoding the movies/clips to NTSC. See the guides for more info.