Mavica CD350 Movies

Hi Folks,

I am a little familiar with burning SVCD movies, but not a pro, and I will try over and over until I can solve a problem, but the problem I am having now I can’t seem to figure out.

I bought the Mavica CD350 Digital camera, which copies either pictures, or movies to a CDRW mini disk. The file is saved as a mpeg.

I tried numorous types of software to convert this to a VCD or SVCD so I can view from my DVD player, with no luck.

I am at work right now, but I am recording with one of the options set to SVCD, rather than PAL ( I think thats what its called).

I am open for all suggestions you may have, because if I am not able to view these from my DVD player, then I will want to return the camera, and time is running out for me.


Well I think I stumped you guys…I hope not.