Matsushita UJ-841S (Toshiba Tecra A6), Region Locked



I have a Toshiba Tecra A6with a Matsushita UJ-841S Drive. The Firmware has been locked after wiewing some videos of my home country and american DVDs.
Is there any firmware available to switch this drive to RPC1 or the original condition? At the moment I have installed DVD Region and CSS free, but only able toview the Title Menue of the DVD, starting the film Cyber Link Power DVD is going to the initial screen… :frowning:

I would be happyto see films from europe and americas parallel…

Thanks for any hint!


Drive is locked - forever.

There is no rpc1 firmware for this and never will be, that is the sad truth.


:eek: OK…

Does this mean, the only way to proceed is to buy a new spare part DVD dive?

Will the software above providing this new drive to lock?



Also software solutions will not work, but try with dvd43 maybe.

Best would be to buy another external one, make it regionfree and off.