Matsushita UJ-820D - need a bootcode change

Hey guys,

I just need you help. Some days ago, I bought a slim line DVD writer from Matsushita (Matshita) - Model No. UJ-820B (imprinted on the label at the outside) from eBay.
It was build out from a Sony Laptop.
The dvd writer should be used as a replacement drive for a Mashita UJ-810B, because this one became defective.

The new drive should be used in my Laptop as a slave device, because the old one was detected as slave, using a slave FW (I am sure about that).
Finally I think the controller is responsible for the behaviour of the ATA functions and this one doesn’t use inverse control method (I am pretty sure).
It’s connected to IDE0 (slave).

The main reason for the repurchase of a Matsushita drive is the front bezel.
It seems it’s up to the UJ-830 models always the same. Maybe even newer drives use the three screw fixing method, which means no extra work in adjusting the bezel is necessary.
If you have a previous model in your Laptop, you can use your old front bezel.

I have a slimline IDE adapter and had to come to the conclusion, that the Sony Matshita UJ-820B is recognized by my system as an UJ-820D device with FW 1.00 - set to MASTER.
This means my Laptop won’t recognize the device. :frowning:

Reading through the forums of and this one, it seems there is no chance the change the bootcode of the device.
At the end I didn’t find any FW or utility doing this job for me.

Maybe you can help and know a way, how to get a workaround.

Most probably I need to get a new drive, but it’s hard to find out, what type of FW is installed on it.
Reading through other post the model names of drives from Matsushita end either with a B, S, D(really?, I don’t think so. it’s just the internal FW name) or nothing.

Does anybody know, if the last letter has a special meaning and you could conclude the Master/Slave/CS/inverse … setting of the FW?

I would appreciate any help, because buying a used drive without knowing what to get isn’t so efficiently.

I am going to post this thread also on

Thanks for your help!

what about trying to mask pin 47 (or is it another pin?) to set a different boot selection?