Matsushita uj 820 s - firmware needed?




i’ve allready posted this in the firmware-forum. anyway, as i consider myself as a newbie i am not sure if this truly is a firmware-problem.
i have a toshiba satelite notebook, running with windows xp. the drive is matsushita uj 820 s the burningsoftware is nero 6. all discs are rejected or “destroyed”. i ve been trying sony dvd+r, memorex dvd+r and verbatim dvd-r, all compatible from 1X up to 8X. my idea was changing the firmware (not knowing exactly what this is)

if anyone can help me with this or any other solution i would be very, very thankful… :bigsmile:

well, the firmwareversion i am using now is 1 (iguess) never changed anything before…


run the Nero Infotool program that came with your Nero Burning ROM software to obtain the current firmware version information of your UJ-820s drive.

the uj-820s drive that I bought came with FW ver. 1.5.

not sure if a firmware update will help. many of these fw updates for many matsushita dvd drives are oem specific and are NOT generic. you’ll have to check the toshiba support site for any uj-820s firmware updates if they have any.