Matsushita uj-810

I have a Sony laptop PCGFRV31 with a Matsushita uj-810 burner… i have this odd problem were the drive will think there is a cd/dvd in there when there is not. I even tried updating the firmware and I know its not a windows problem because it will not boot from a bootable cd. Does any one have any ideas what the problem could be and what I can do to fix it.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Disable IMAPI burn engine and InCD, DLA, etc.

what is and how would you disable IMAPI and InCD? Is this something I would have had to installed? if so, i have not installed any software since I cannot get the drive to even read a simple audio disc or windows xp installation… I had to do a clean install of windows by removing the hard drive from the sony laptop and install it on my HP laptop and did the install then swapped the drives back. Thanks in advance!!

InCD is something you would have installed, IMAPI is something I believe Windows turns on by default, right click the drive in My Computer, Properties, Recording tab, uncheck “Enable CD recording”. This just turns off Windows’ built in burning services, which cause lots of conflicts.

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