Matsushita to offer Blu-ray Disk recorders by July

I just posted the article Matsushita to offer Blu-ray Disk recorders by July.

Skullyboy and GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Matsushita willl be the second behind Sony to offer Blu-Ray recorders, predicing them to be available in July…

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nice development, tho I’d hate to see the sticker price :slight_smile: typo edit
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Next to useless though not compatible with anything, can’t be used in conjunction with a PC. And what’s all the -RAM nonsense why don’t Panasonic ever learn…no one wants -RAM it limits compatibility and playability…it’s a natural born copy protection by the very nature of the format. However in the future I’m sure Blu-ray andor the competing format will become very popular as HDTV kicks in…until then we watch and wait with great interest and anticipation…what do we all reckon? 5 years time and it’ll be realistically priced and start displacing DVD? Maybe it’s success will depend on the development and rollout of HDTV?

Blu Ray will be cool once it is here. I personally like DVD-RAM the best of the recordable formats because of it hard drive like qualities, and would get one with support for it right now if I bought a DVD recorder. Hitachi has the first Digital Video camera to burn to DVD and they use RAM discs.

fwiw, I like the HD-like qualities of RAM also. It isn’t popular right now for various reasons, but there are plans to increase the speed of burning (which should hopefully put demand up and bring the disc prices down…) and I think it deserves to be popular based on its unique qualities.