Matsushita SW-9585 Tests/Review



I want to know if any of you have been able to use DVD+/-RW 4x with SW-9585???
Also if you have been able to ghost a partition or hard drive using the SW-9585, coze when I ghost my HD on SW-9585 by using software GHOST 2003, it simply doesn’t work. But when I ghost on my LG GMA-4020B, it works perfectly. I m still puzzle. Can some one verify it for me, please??? Very much appreciated.


Opticalbell, have you the new firmware yet???


Works great with DVD+RW 4X. I have booted from the drive with no problems and don’t see any reason why Ghost would not recognize it.
The DVD RAM is also a big plus now that I have used it.

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Do u have to update your firmware before using DVD+RW 4x or not??? Coze when I put my DVD+RW 4X in, my burner SW-9585 said unrecognize format, and whether I try to format, erase or whatsoever, it never works!!!

The ghost 2003 recognize the drive but when it tried to put the image on it, after 1 min, it just asks for a new Blank DVD !!! After 1 min!!! Normally to fill ghost on a DVD it take at least 30 min (4x), so when it takes only 1 min, something is not working!!! So after I put in a new DVD, 1 min later on it asks for a new DVD again!!! So obvioulsy it’s working!!! the reason that I am asking is that I have doubt that my DVD Burner is not working correctly, so I ask to check to see if it’s work properly or not.


@happyme, it could also be a media specific problem…
What type of DVD+RW are you using? MID ?
Is it a brand new “fresh” DVD+RW? If not, try one that has never been used.
Have you tried another type of DVD+RW?


16x burn on MCC03RG20.
Nice speed for Z-CLV !


I’ve seen this drive at for $36.99 - never owned a -RAM drive before and not sue if Panasonic makes good burners. My favorite are NEC and BenQ, however own two Lite-On as well - for quality scans. Now need one more and for curiosity would like to see if LG or Pana are as good. The quality scans posted here are good (except one) however any of you know of a extensive review site?


Try here.