Matsushita SW-9585 Tests/Review



YSS has his tests/review of the above drive up:



16x write quality is not good.



Hmm that’s too bad, I hope it can improve with firmware. :slight_smile:


I saw it reads and writes DVD-RAM, but what are the specs (my Chinese :confused: isn’t that good :smiley: ).


That’s Japanese. The write max speed for all DVD is the same as LG GSA-4163B. But they’re not the same design.


I will have a new firmware for these drives within a week. I expect serious performance improvement on the write speeds.


Any progress on the new firmware update? I saw NewEgg just drop the price down to 49.99. However, there are two models: SW-9585BDD and SW-9585C. Does there anyone know what is the difference?


Excellent! I would love to see the performance on this drive enhanced. :smiley:


Newegg will often make up their own “model numbers” to distinguish between colors / oem / bulk / retail versions of the same drive.
In this case it appears that the “SW-9585BDD” is just the bulk version in black and the “SW-9585C” is the bulk version in beige.

I also noticed something quite humorous on the product specs:

DVD+RAM ??:confused:?? , an obvious typographical error.


Anyone out there have this drive that can share some disc quality scans and/or transfer rate tests on produced discs?

this site has formware ver B101 for the SW-9585


The firmware comes from IO-Data which is an OEM version of SW-9585. However, I heard the update does not work on newegg model at forum. I just ordered one, and I will give it a try when I receive it.


Just received the Matshita DVD-RAM SW-9585C from Chief Value and have it installed and tests should be available later this evening. Initial impressions:
Firmware Upgrade B-101 failed with engrish error message of “Download No Successful”
Slow in recognizing discs.
Playback of DVD+RW movie backup " Starship Troopers" looks good.
Format of DVD+RW went OK and file copy worked.
Data transfer rates look good.

I’ll do the stupid thing first and then you shy people follow… /.


Preliminary Tests:


I’ve done my part, now where is that firmware update?

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Can you do a 16x burn / tests ?


How did I know someone was going to ask for that? And the answer is no because I don’t have any 16X media.

Your call will be responded to in… 20 minutes… 25 minutes… 23 minutes… 14 minutes… 2 minutes… 40 minutes…


Some additional scans:


Last Scan:


I want to know if any of you have been able to use DVD+RW 4x with SW-9585???
Also if you have been able to ghost a partition or hard drive using the SW-9585, coze when I ghost my HD on SW-9585 by using software GHOST 2003, it simply doesn’t work. But when I ghost on my LG GMA-4020B, it works perfectly. I m still puzzle. Can some one verify it for me, please??? Very much appreciated.