Matsushita launches global campaign for DVD-RAM Recorder

I just posted the article Matsushita launches global campaign for DVD-RAM Recorder.

Matsushita, best known for its Panasonic brand, has announced it will launch a global campaign to market their latest DVD-RAM recorder, the DIGA. The campaign’s aim is to…

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Why waste the money the product’s crap…DVD is THE standard NOT DVD-RAM.

Why act like a troll with such a response. DVD-Ram has a great use and is ideal for the computer market and other such uses - its has inherent features above that of other formats. No I dont have a dvd-ram burner, but I know and respect it has its uses. Whether it will win or not - who knows. Why call something crap because you may use cheap dvd media with your little 'ol -R burner )you would not have a +r by any chance or a dual?).