Matsushita Electric/Panasonic (MEI) BD-R SL

Same disc scanned with Samsung SH-B123L

LG WH16NS58 TST4, 22,56 GB burned at 4x

And finally the same disc scanned with PX-LB950SA

Would it be better to crossflash to LiteOn to get comparable results ?

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I´m not sure. If ODC have correct drives for the parameters it should don´t make differences.

I have crossflashed some HP to LiteOn, but all drives scan different, some are similar, others can´t be compared.

MID: MEI-T02-001


Panasonic 25gb 4x LM-BR25LP10 [Repack]
MID - MEIT02 - 001
Pioneer BDR-212DBK @ 4x
imgburn 2.5.8

Panasonic 25gb 4x LM-BR25LP10 [Repack]
MID - MEIT02 - 001
Liteon iHBS112 @ 4x
imgburn 2.5.8

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LG BH16NS55@LG WH16NS58 1.V5, 23.12 GB burned @6x

Sold as “Panasonic BD-R 6x Printable" in paper sleeve
Made in Japan


liteon scanning seems more vivid than the lg

Maybe LG is the better reader, so it reports less errors.

I tested it some time ago and see the LG is more stable at different speeds than the LiteOn. Even the LG can read BDR SL at 12x and the LiteOn only 8x

Drive: Pioneer 209 DBK
Discs: Panasonic bd-r 1-4x Jewel case
MID: MEIT02 - 001
Burn Speed: 2x
I think I may have gotten the infamous made in india ones? (a possibility with their origins known on this forum in earlier years)

Can you post an example of the serial numbers?

The box says Made in Japan (the red rectangle with 3 characters). Try 4x burning speed.

Hey pepst, can you make anything of this :MD9Z09A0610915
(*note the Z may be a 2)