Matsushita DVD RAM UJ840s Problem

I am using Matsushita DVD RAM -UJ840s Dvd drive (My sony vaio laptop’s DVD Drive)

For almost 6 months i was using that dirve. There were no issues.

I was able to burn DVD movies and CD without any problem. I was able to view the Burnt movies also.

But recently it is not able reconize any blank DVDs. The old DVD i had burnt before also is not recogonized. Since those DVDs are local brands i tried using SONY and TDK blank DVDs it is having the same problem.

In explorer if i browse and check the properties of DVD drive it shows used and unused data as “0”.

But some DVD movies(All are regionFree DVDs) which i bought from store is working without any problem.

I tried cleaning the DVD drive. Tried branded blank DVDs but no use.
I tried upgrading the firmware once not sure whether that is causing all these problems.

I am not sure to what region the DVD drive is set. Since i bought the latop in japan i think it is set to japan region.

Could someone please tell what could be the problem ? is my DVD drive having problem ?IS there any way to solve this problem…

Use a proper burning app for DVD blanks!!


Using Nero for burning.

Tried a opensource burning tool but had the same problem

Then this drive is shot.