Hi all

I am currently using a new IMac Intel (20 inch Apple Imac Core Duo 2.0 gHz) with an internal MatshitaDVD-R UJ-846 Rev. FB2U/MMC-3, and I am
having problems to burn DVDs at more than 4X…

I think that the above drive burns DVD at 8X Max. Speed, but i have been unable to burn at more than 4X…if I burn at 8X (using Toast-8) always got
an Error:

Drive Error
Hardware Error

Anyone is having similar problems with matshita drive on Imac Intel Macs?

Is there any new firmware or is there a way to re-flash this drive?

Anyone one in the forum knows where to get a replacement better internal drive for my Imac Intel?..or Do you think that it is better to go and get a
NEW External Firewaire or USB2.0 Drive to Burn at 16x Speed?

Thanks in advance for your help


Nope, and would fix nothing either.

Contact the manufacturer/seller.

My first post. :bigsmile:

There are not a lot slot-in-notebook-drives available. The PIONEER DVR-K06 seems to be quite popular but an external firewire drive (not USB if you want to burn faster than 8x on your iMac!) would be a good choise too.

Check to know which drive works good in an iMac.

Thanks for the info!!

So you think that is better to get an external firewire DVD drive, for burning
DVDs at more than 8X?

It is true that I can get free zone 0 DVD Play if installed an external
multi-zone DVD Drive?

Do you recommend or know of any brand between US$60.00 - US$100.00?

Thanks again for your help!