MATSHITA Windows Flasher for SR-8174

Hi guys!

i`m searching for a windows flasher for my old matshita sr-8174. i only found the dos program dwl2.exe, is there no windows flasher for these drives avaiable? please help me.



Probably not; and that’s something quite good, as flashing from Windows isn’t that safe.

Why don’t you want a dos flasher? Perhaps because you don’t know how to handle dos? If so, just ell us, so we can help you :slight_smile:

hehe, thanks for quick reply.

the dos(e) isnt the problem. the dvd-rom was built into a laptop and has been broken by the wrong firmware update. the bios and windows itself still recognize the drive as sr-8174 but the drive itself doesnt recognize any media, wether dvd nor cd/cdr/cdrw. the problem was caused by a wrong firmware update. the problem now is, that the laptop cant boot from cd/floppy/usb. so, how to get to dos, heh? :wink: the os is windows xp which support safe mode with command line but that is not real dos, not real enough for the matshita flasher. the drive is built-in (not in a slot) so i cant get it into another laptop. :rolleyes:

so the final question is, how to flash the drive? :wink: there is a pioneer 107d on usb but as i said the computer cant boot from usb (perhaps with a bios update, computer model is a gericom webgine with 1.3ghz celeron - if anybody knows, i dont).

A BIG PROBLEM :slight_smile: and a windows flasher could solve it :wink: :iagree:
i`ve tought, cause of lg/liteon and even pioneer are using flashers which are compatible with windows, so even matshita could have something like this out?

sorry for my english - i`am german only :bigsmile:

The drive is too old to have a Windows Flasher. A misflashed drive would not be recognized by BIOS or Windows, so you may have a dead (due to old age) drive on your hands. Your computer should definately be able to boot from a floppy drive if it has one.

I think your laptop (indeed) supports booting from the floppy drive. I have a Gericom laptop as well and it can boot from floppy, while there isn’t even a floppy controller in the stupid thing (yes, booting from floppy is still listed in the BIOS). Try to change this setting in your BIOS I’d say…