Matshita ujda765 will not recognize dvd



I am running a IBM t42. It has a Matshita UJDA765 dvd/cdrw drive installed. I can burn and access cds, but everytime I put a DVD in, it will not find it. The computer tells me to put a DVD in the drive bay. I have run PC doctor, but it tells me to put a non blank DVD in the drive.

Is my drive shot, or am I just missing something.


What do you want to achieve?

Burning a dvd? Then install a proper burning app first.


Matsushita UJDA-Drives can’t burn DVDs. You could try to clean the drives lens.


Yep, that is why it will always fail.


Thanks for your advice, but cleaning the lens has had no effect on the drives ability to read DVDs. The cdrw works fine. The drive will turn but it will not read DVDs.


Then the dvd part is gone/damaged.