Matshita UJDA765 Read issue

I am an IT Specialist for a company that does a lot of cross-platform work. We are having issues with one specific model of computer: HP nc8230, running XP Pro, with a Matshita UJDA765 CD-RW/DVD-Rom. It will not read any DVDs burned on a MacBook Pro with a MATSHITADVD-R UJ-85J. I have tested the disc(s) burned on the Mac on multiple computer systems, with different brands of drives, and it will play on all of them except for the Matshita 765 (in the 8230s). I have tried to play it with WMP, WinDVD, and VLC - no luck. :confused:

When you ‘open’ or ‘Explore’ the disc, it will show the Video_TS folder but it will be empty. I have searched for firmware updates for this system but can only find IBM specific ones. HP has nothing on their site for this drive. It displays this behavior on all of the 8230s.

Any ideas?

Time for a new drive then. Or cleaning might help…