Matshita UJDA745 recoginze blank SONY CD-R as read-only disc

Drive:Matshita UJDA745 combo drive,intergrated in my IBM Thinkpad T40 laptop
Disc:Brand new,SONY “Supremas” 700MB CD-R
Software:Nero,under Windows XP SP2 running on this T40 laptop
Problem description:I just purchased these 25 CD-R today,and have 5 ISOs to burn.The first 3 burns with them is successful at the maximum 16X speed of my UJDA745,but when I inserted the 4th CD-R into my UJDA745,Nero said “This disc is not writable,please insert a writable disc”.So I decided this must be a bad disc,and I just threw the 4th disc away,and inserted another one,and the burn succeed.However,on the 5th burn,all my rest 21 SONY CD-Rs was reported to be “not writable”.Then I tried my previously purchased unknown brand CD-Rs,and the successfully burned the last ISO.
After this,I begin to do tests on my UJDA745 and these newly purchased SONY CD-Rs,and I found it’s pretty weird.Nero infotool reported my discs as following:(A screenshot is also contained in the attach file at

Type: -no disc inserted-
Capacity: 00:00.01(0MB)
Extended Information
Tracks: n/a
Supported speeds:8X-4X-2X
Blank Capacity: 79:59:74
Manufacturer ID:Sony(97m24s16f)
Disc status:Closed,Finalized.
File system(s):
Below here is all "n/a"s.

I tested these discs on other CD-R drives,and it works perfectly.
So I don’t know how to explain my problems now…if it’s because these disc incompatible with my UJDA745,then how to explain those successful burns?or ,assume it’s the fault of those 21 CD-Rs,it don’t explain why they all works on other CD-Rs…This is the reason of my seeking help here.Anyone has some ideas?

Problem summary:
I did 5 burns,1-3 are all successful,the 4 failed once,and succeed with the same disc.On the 5th burn,all my SONY discs become unwritable.
All these discs are tested and proved to be good on other drives.
my UJDA745 works fine with other discs,and never wrote a bad disc before.

Try updating the firmware to 1.05.

Thanks for your help…I’ve updated to the 1.05 Firmware,but still no luck
Any other suggestion?