Matshita UJDA740 Plays CDs but not DVDs

I have had a Dell Latitude Laptop / D800 for about three years and haven’t had a problem with the DVD player for awhile. The Drive is a Matshita / Panasonic UJDA740. Recently it was very slow to play and now does not play DVDs at all. It Plays CDs fine. I have looked it to firmware and installed it and that didn’t work. I go to My Computer look at the drive and try to play, but it does not have any thing there, it shows up, but I can’t force it to play. I put in a Factory DVD and it sounds like it is reading it fully, but nothing happens. I read through WinDVD and WMP 11 and nothing shows up. I took out the drive from the laptop and put it back in. I uninstalled the driver and let it reinstall itself, and then ran Firmware. Nothing is working. I know it is not completely bunk, because it plays CDs fine, but not factory DVDs. Please advise on what to do before it goes out the window. Thank you. I have only found this same problem on another post once. and another time refering to turning packet writing off. Those are my only leads… firmware, packet writing, or out the window.


If you done all of the above the best thing to do now is throw it out the window.

Bummer, good thing I’m buying a tv this weekend.