Matshita UJDA720 DVD/CDRW does not write to CD-RW Disk

I have a Sony VAIO laptop running WinXP with Mats***a UJDA720 DVD/CDRW.
I can play and write to regular CDs, but cannot write to a CD-RW disk.
I am using the CD Writing wizard that comes with the package.

The drive recognizes the CD-RW, but when gets to point where says ‘Performing final steps to made CD ready to use’, it fails and kicks cd out with msg ‘There was an error in the writing process… etc’.

Note that I have tried 2 different media (24X speed and 12X speed), and had a similar problem with my Sony VAIO desktop with a Pioneer DVD/CDRW, and that was resolved via a firmware update, and info that 24X would not work on it.

Don’t see any firmware update for the Mats***a.


Uninstall InCD or similar and use recommended and reliable CD-RW media.

Don’t know what you mean by Uninstall InCD.
Am using Memorex brand CD-RW disks. Believe that is suppossed to be reliable brand.

InCD = a part of Nero used for packet writing (drag’n’drop), known to cause problems.

However, I agree with chef on the media - Memorex isn’t the best media, mostly because you never know who’s manufactured the disc and therefore what quality it is.

Best to stick to Verbatim for RW media of any kind IMO. :slight_smile:

Don’t have Nero on that computer.