Matshita UJDA 760 DVD/CDRW problem

I have this DVD/CDRW drive on my notebook pc, and want to use Maxell 1-2x speed DVD-RW disks. However, on reading the the instructions with the packaging it said I had to visit a website ( to find out if my drive would be compatible with these ‘high-speed’ disks. There was nothing on their site, and there was also nothing on both the Matshita or Toshiba (who made the drive). :rolleyes:

All I want to do is write some dvd’s but don’t want to damage my drive, which I only got this week!

Does anyone know if it possible for me to use these?

Any help would be really great. :bow:

1-2x speed DVD-RW are hardly “high speed”. must be old packaging. just use them as normal. no damage to drive is likely

G)-(osters, cheers my friend you’re a star!

I can’t believe how little information exists on this on the web, as I’m sure I’m not gonna be the only one worried by this wording on the disks.

I can now happily get on with my burning! :smiley: