Matshita UJDA 740 cdrw/dvd combo drive

or wait looked on wrong place from device manager but i got belarc advisor where do i need to look if my usb is enchanged or not??

Hi IIIII & imkidd57! Here’s two screenshots that may help.

  1. Universal Serial Bus controllers in Device Manager (showing USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller)
  2. Burst Rate test in Nero CD-DVD Speed (put a data disc in the drive and run the test as shown, then confirm how many MB/sec you show in the right-bottom corner)

thnx for screenies but i did not found universal serial bus controller and i know that my driver cant write dvd only read i only need to know if i got usb 2.0 or not but anyway thnx for screenies :clap:

Yeah, I was thinking you could test the [I]external [/I]drive already… Sorry for that :doh:

I have a USB 1.1 laptop here and it shows “USB-controllers” in Device Manager… (that’s on a Dutch XP). You should at least see one of these (USB-controllers or Universal Serial Bus controllers) listed or else you wouldn’t be able to use any USB devices? :confused:

Hi Cressida and thanks for the help too :flower:. Between us all we should get it sorted… :).

@IIII: Can you see in the ‘Device Manager’ from Cressida’s supplied screenshots above in post #22, whether the words “enhanced” appear?

Just to briefly answer the question about the Belarc Advisor display, and where to look; here’s where (below). Regardless of whether it’s ‘Open’ or ‘Universal’ host controller on the other lines, we need to see those magic words “enhanced” again, in one of them (highlighted):

srry for late replay guys i will look thnx for help

here are the screenies(got dutch xp too)

ok no enchaned usb so can i use a external driver or do i need to buy another crappy pc/notebook with a dvd-driver (I dont wanna do the last option hopefully i can use external driver :bow: or else i am gonna freak out :a :stuck_out_tongue: :p)

Apparently there’s no USB 2.0 on your laptop. You can try adding a PCMCIA (Cardbus) USB 2.0 card (example) , but there’s no guarantees for success. See this thread for instance: . In theory it should work (and nine times out of ten it will), but practice may be different. It’s still your best bet, using an external burner in stead of trying to fit an internal one in that old laptop. :slight_smile:

so you mean i need to buy that pc card AND a external driver??? isint there a external driver with usb.1.1?

Correct, you’ll need both. USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1, but you absolutely need USB 2.0 for DVD-burning (USB 1.1 is too slow - it allows max. 2X DVD burn speed and the currently available 16X speed discs don’t really like that).

It will still be cheaper than an internal burner for your laptop (even if you could find one). You could take your laptop to the PC-shop and ask them to test the PC-Card and external burner in front of you before you buy them. You should at least be able to burn at 8X speed (less than 10 minutes for a full 4.7GB DVD).

yeah ok thnx for the help out this conlusioun i know:I am gonna buy another notebook that for sure my notebook us old and slow anyway but need to configure it al again on the new one downloaden my proggies and making new maps and all gonna be alott of work though thnx for the help guys :clap: :smiley: