Matshita UJDA 740 cdrw/dvd combo drive

hello this my first post here :smiley:
I need your guys help i got a notebook with a matshita UJDA 740 cdrw/dvd combo drive the thing is he wont read dvd+r cds can the problem be solved if i buy some dvd-r cds or cant this driver even burn a dvd
I use nero

Hopefully someone is gonna help me thnx :stuck_out_tongue:

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If it’s a true combo drive then it won’t burn DVDs - only read them.

how do you mean true combo drive???

I can’t find any info on that unit to confirm any of its capabilities. Traditionally, a ‘combo’ drive is CD read/write but DVD read only.

yeah ok thnx for the help 2 weeks of learning converting finding al the software and now this een wrong drive :a but still thnx for the help :wink: :smiley:

TBH that make of drive isn’t the greatest anyway. You’d be better off with an external DVD writer, either USB2 or preferably FireWire connection.

srry but i am noob in dvd uhhh … things
so what is external DVD writer and USB2 and FireWire connection. srry for this noobish question the only thing i wanna do is get a movie on a dvd :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if you can’t write to a DVD using the internal drive of your laptop, then you can get a separate drive mounted in an external case (see an example here) and connected up to the computer by a USB2 cable. You would need to check that your laptop has USB2 and not the older standard of USB1.1 first though.

The programs you have acquired will still work with the external burner.

AHHH I get It but I got a old notebook 4 years old I think how can I see if i have USB 2.0?

Easiest way is to Google your laptop make and model number with the word “specifications”.

ok will give it a try :slight_smile: :doh: arghh stupid notebook gonna buy another think he is old so i cant find it on google forgot the name:P but i wont give up :slight_smile:

If you don’t have any joy then let us know and we can give you another way.

ok i find some specifications but he say i got a cdrw/DVD-rom but cant i then burn a dvd with a dvd-rom??? cause i used a DVD+rom I still dont know if i got usb 2.0 or not :stuck_out_tongue: but i am searching i will tell you if i found something
P.S: what do you mean with ‘no joy’???

OK than at least you know you definitely can’t burn with that internal drive. DVD-ROM means ‘read-only’.

“No joy”… just a phrase meaning “no luck”.

ok:P ok still dont find if i got usb 2.0 or not but i know my notebook is a packard bell igo 6571

somebody know if packard bell igo 6571 has got a usb 2.0???

We can look to see what drivers are installed. OK, this is a bit complicated but give it a go.

Start’ button -> Control Panel -> double-click ‘System’ -> select ‘Hardware’ tab -> click ‘Device Manager’ button.

In the list of hardware, at the bottom should be ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’. Click the ‘+’ to expand it.

Look for a line that says something like ‘Intel PCI Universal Host Controller’. Right-click on this, and from the drop-down box, select ‘Properties’.

Click on ‘Driver’ tab, and click ‘Driver details…’ button. A list of files will appear. Look for one called ‘usbuhci.sys’, and if you have USB2.0 installed there will be another file called ‘usbehci.sys’. (Remember you are looking for a difference of only one letter; ‘u’ or ‘e’)

ok i got to device manager buet there is no Universal Serial Bus controllers there is only a IEEE 1394 bus host controller then at driver details there was nothing with usbehci.sys or usbuhci.sys but i did find in device maneger USB-controllers is that it mabye?? in USB-controllers i found usbhub.sys and usbbd.sys and usbochi.sys

Hmmm… sounds like the right area. Can you see anywhere that you have been looking, that the USB is described as ‘enhanced’. If not, we’ll have to assume it’s not USB2.

Edit: you could go to this page (here) and download the free Belarc Advisor. It’ll analyse your system and tell you whether the USB is enhanced or not.

i will check it out
EDIT: ok i got the analazy file where do i need to look if its enchanged or not??
EDIT2: ok I looked at device maneger nothin found with usb enchanged