Matshita UJDA-730 boot/read problem

Hi,i have used my laptop for almost 2 years and everything wents fine until once i have removed my drive from my laptop and put it in another pc.After i done,i returned back the drive in my pc and i found out that drive stops booting from all cds i have,even though that that cds have booted so many times before i start this drive removale and they are still booting fine in other drives.BTW,now my drive even don’t like to read them at all :a I insert an ordinary music cd in the drive and everything wents fine,so whats could be wrong with my drive that it dislikes to read/boot the iso cds?And another very strange thing is that this drive boots just single one WinXP SP2 integrated disc and no others!Maybe it could be registry?Or need some firmware patch or repatch with the same like it is now(v1.0 original).Any ideas will be appreciated.
Thanks. :bow: :bow:

Mh, is the built-in burn engine disabled?
Is Auto-Insert-Notification enabled?
Is the drive properly recognized in Devicemanager?