Matshita UJ-867 Quality

I have a Matshita UJ-867 drive.

I was looking for information regarding the expected read and write qualities for the Matshita UJ-867 drive, but have been unsucessful at finding such information.

What quality read and write information should be expected from Matshita UJ-867?

If Matshita UJ-867 quality information is not available, what kind of quality should be expected from Matshita drives in general?

A Nero InfoTool 4.03 window image capture with my Matshita UJ-867 information is attached.

Note: Serial number has been removed from attached image.

Well i dont know much about the reading capabilities, but i have made a few burns on an old laptop that had a matshita dvd-rw and the result was OK. I use mainly TY and Verbatim media, so if i assume that you are using also good quality media you shouldn’t have any problems burning and reading back alll your discs.