Matshita UJ-845D

I bought Acer Aspire notebook and Matshita UJ-845D DVD-RW optical drive.
I was trying to find anything about this drive but without success. All i could find was UJ-845B and UJ-845S drives. Both of this drives are DVD-RAM. It is strange that i can’t find any specifications of 845D drive on neither Panasonic (Matshita) nor Acer sites.
Specs from DVDInfoPro program say this drive isn’t DVD-RAM

Also is it possible that these drives are same, with DVD-RAM capability disabled in firmware of 845D.

I think that’s correct. Disabled for the OEM drive.

Thanks for answer. Is there any way i could flash it to 845B model if i could get Bios from it. If there is way, how?
I presume firmware from 845B has software block for flashing on other oem drives and it would need hacking.

I think this is not possible because there is no flasher for this.

I downloaded flash for uj-845s drive using link from and when i unpacked it file name is 845D101.exe
Is it safe to try to flash with this flasher, and how to be 100% sure that 845D, 845B and 845S drives are same drives.?

Usually by using Discinfo you can see the vendor/OEM of the drive.

ALL Matshita drives are OEM.

Hey can anyone confirm the firmware is correct?

What is the speed of the DVD burner on this drive?

I tried to flash it to UJ-845S firmware but without success. I think that without firmware crack it would be impossible to unlock DVD-RAM capability. Also don’t expect RPC-1 firmware, RIP-LOCK, Bit-setting… Good people who do this work for all of us say that this firmware crack will not be available because notebook optical units are much more expensive to work on than their desktop brethren.

As for speed this unit complies with MatSHITa rules. Ripping is locked at 2x, I haven’t been able to get a decent burn on +RW media and drive just wont burn +RW @ 4x

Speed specification for UJ-845D is:

8X Speed -R Writing
4X Speed -RW Writing
8X Speed +R 4.7GB Writing
2.4X Speed +R (DL) Writing
4X Speed +RW 4.7GB Writing
24X Speed CD-R Writing
16X Speed CD-RW Writing
24X Speed CD-ROM Reading
8X Speed DVD-ROM Reading

UJ-845S and UJ-845B have additional 5X DVD-RAM writing

I have a Matshita UJ-845S. I am able to write to DVD-RAM media, but not DVD-R. Does anyone know why this may be?


Is there any chanse to set matshita uj-845d to region free?

No, as already told before many times.

Are these uj-845 drives “Made in Japan?” (I hope)… I’m considering buying one for my laptop, but I won’t touch it unless it’s MIJ. I don’t want the risk of “Made in Philippines” for example…


And what is the difference? You think that if it is produced in Japan it will work better? C’mon that is a BS

Quality and reliability is much higher. That’s true when it comes to DVD media, electronics, automobiles, etc. I don’t waste my time with low quality junk made in funny places if I don’t have to. If you are happy with stuff built in Mexico, be my guest. To each their own.

So you think that if your from USA that everyone else except Japan or maybe EU are funny. That is an insult to rational way of thinking. Would you like to come to Serbia, homeland of Tesla and Pupin also very “funny” and very small country, and see that some quality stuff (electronics…) is produced there. One more thing, 90% of computer parts are produced in China and Taiwan, do you recognize them as funny countires also?

The point is (a fact) that in some countries like China the quality control is near non-existant, and so is the quality of the products.
Counts especially for electronics and similar stuff. :frowning:

My Ferrari note book has this drive Matchita UJ-845S with firmware D200. Does anyone know how to read it of the drive?

What can be used? Any tools? I’m asking because, maybe I can send it to the Dangerous Brothers for exporation. I would love to be able to bitset on this.

No, you cannot, nor anyone else could.

i have exactly the same problem here and till now im still desperate to find an answer. Im not lossing any hope still that that this kind of cd drive can be crack and be a region free drive.

To [B]Chick_Hearn[/B]; Not all stuff that has “Made in Japan” is really are from Japan nor USA so to speak. Philippines is not a manufacture of electronics products or should i say chipsets but they are mainly one of few countrys that assembles these things to make a machine. Why is it that such company like Sony, Panasonic, Intel, Toshiba, to name a few, choose this [I]funny place [/I]to make their products? We really cant tell.
If have further questions about quality and stuff, you better as the manufacturer themselves and dont blame it to the country who works on it.
After all Philippines is not a funny place.

Have this drive in my fairly new Acer Aspire 5510 Series notebook.
Don’t know why you guys with this multiregion requirement don’t instal DVD Region + CSS Free - no problems playing any DVD with this.
My problem is that in spite of the Acer User’s Guide stating “When the power is off, you can eject the drive tray by using the emergency eject hole.” Mine has no such hole and I have just had to send my notebook, which suddenly died on me with a DVD inside, off to Acer to get fixed. Came back today with a new mobo.
The DVD came from the local library so big worries. Anyone know a way around this?