MATSHITA UJ-845D DVD recorder, does not writing in maximum speed (x8)

Hi there
I buy an Acer Aspire 9502 notebook with matshita UJ-845D dvd recorder. The problem that i face is that i can not write DVD- disks at the maximum speed (x8). The 6 from 9 DVD- disks that i test with Nero burning rom, the maximum record speed is locked at x2 instead of x8 that the dvd disks are.

I have test only 1 disk at + format and is writed at x8. How can i fix this problem? is there any firmware for dvd recorder ? Acer and Matshita (panasonic) does not have any support for this model in them website.

Please heeeeelp

You don’t say what brand of DVD-R media you’re trying to burn, but one possible explanation is that the firmware in your drive doesn’t recognize the Media IDentification code (MID) of the discs and therefore it only offers you the possibility of writing at the lowest possible speed using a generic write strategy.

Try using another well-known brad of DVD-R such as Verbatim and see if that can be written at 8x.

If it is indeed the media not being recognized by the drives firmware, then there’s nothing you can do about it except to use supported media.