Matshita UJ-841S (Satellite Pro) with Windows Vista: CANNOT RECORD!

I have upgraded my Toshiba Satellite Pro M 70 from Windows XP to Windows Vista Ultimate. Everything seems to work except the recording process of my DVD drive. I have a Matshita UJ-841S. I can read DVDs and CDs fine but I cannot record anything. Whenever I try to record (and I tried lots of different software) I get the message that there is no media insterted in my drive. I also tried different DVD brands but no difference. I searched for Vista drivers for Toshiba but I cant find them anywhere. Can anyone help?


Can anyone help please?

I would ask m$ for support drivers first.

I already search for driver updates but I cant seem to find any. There is only an update for Vaio but that is not compatible for Toshiba.

I ran over your post while looking for a solution for my problem:
I own a Toshiba tecra a8-103 with the same kind of writer you have. I cannot seem to make the writer record DVD-/+R at more than 2x (the specs i found on the net talk about 8x for this kind of media).
So… my problem is still to be solved… but since I do own a toshiba and my writer (which is the same as yours) is able to record different media on vista (business in my case, but i guess it should work on ultimate as well), I hope I can help you…
What i could try to do is send you the four files specified in my driver details tab (and also a picture of this tab, from system properties, device manager, etc… ). So, if you think that could help you, contact me at Yeah, i know I’m gonna be buried in spam… but then again, this address is for stuff like this :slight_smile:

Which exact media have you used?
Matshita drives are very picky about media…

Yes adisega, could you tell me what kind of drivers you have? I am already thinking on switching back to windows xp if that would fix the problem, but I am not sure if it will. I am not sure if its my DVD driver or just windows vista.

Install xp as second OS, then test it.

how do i do that through toshiba startup cd?

ok… why are you complicating your life???
Let me specify it again:
I own a tecra a8-103 with a windows vista business. It has a matshita uj-841s drive. I have written all kinds of disks:
CD: traxdata, tdk, verbatim
CD-RW: verbatim
DVD-R/+R: verbatim, tdk
DVD-RW/+RW: tdk, traxdata.

So… it obviously writes different media. Do you want the files that appear under Driver details? I do not know how to post a picture, but i can tell you the names of the four files that I am talking about (they are all in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers folder:

I am not sure that copying this files to your system will solve the problem, but what could be the harm in trying? Whatever… make up your mind and contact me at the specified address, because I have limited Internet access right now (GPRS) so I cannot connect all day long.


oh… and by the way… it is near impossible to install xp as a second os on a vista machine. I have tried everything that I thought off… I could not make it work… the only way i made it work was with xp as primary and vista as secondary… but these are details… the important thing is that i may own the files that could help you… without installing xp. so… it is your choice. either get these files from me and see if they solve your problem, or reinstall xp and give up on vista (I think I do not need to comment further on which choice would be the better one).

Thanks adisega. The thing is, I already installed windows xp and still it doesnt work. It can read DVD, CD, even bland DVD but when I try to record it just gives me a general error message. This is very strange. What software are you using to copy in DVD?

I have the same burner. I bought the Toshiba Satellite A105-S4367, 2gb RAM, 160gb HDD, 256mb NVIDIA 7300 GO. The laptop was loaded with XP Media Center. I formatted the hard drive and load Vista Ultimate, everything works fine, no driver needed. The firmware I have for my burner is version 1.60. Burns very fast but I dont know the burn quality since I dont have a scanner since I did not bring my desktop with me, I left it at home and schooling abroad. I only use imgburn and cloneDVD for the time being. No Nero. Basing on your situation, you might need to go to intel website and download chipset drivers. Which chipset do you have?? My laptop is built on Intel 945GM express chip.

Yes, your problem is strange. Have you considered that the drive might be broken? I think you should have your drive checked at the store you bought the notebook.
I have used the writing software provided with the bundled software that came with the original installation of the notebook (can’t remember the exact name, but i’ve uninstalled it, because it gave me no control over the speed of the recording - it just recorded at highest supported speed, I think).
I am now using Nero and BlindWrite (all three work/worked very well, no problem whatsoever).
As far as my speed problem, it’s solved: the Traxdata DVDs labeled 1-16x, that I can record at 16x on my desktop, can only be recorded at maximum 2x on the notebook. However, I’ve also bought 3 other 1-16x DVDs (Sony, Verbatim and TDK) and all three can be written at 8x (the drive’s maximum) on the notebook. So… poor quality media (RITEK producer, for Traxdata).