Matshita UJ-841 and presario 2100



Hello, I’ve searched the net but could not find a solution to this. Instead a lot more questions arouse, he

I have an old Presario 2100 with a QSI SB-241 not burning cd’s, this drive sucks, so i got off of Ebay a matshita UJ 841s DVD RAM drive and put it in my laptop.

At first it wasn’ t detected by XP, then I follow someone’s advice to delete lower and upper limits off the registry, it was detected by BIOS and installed fine under XP and it worked exactly one time, I burned 1 DVD with Nero 7. then i got an error of SCSI command ( probably from Daemon tools)

Then I tried to burn a CD and the Drive dissapeared off My PC. since then the lap takes like 30 seconds to start booting XP (as if it is trying to detect the boot drive or something), If I hit F2 BIOS does not show any cd/dvd drive.

Is this drive compatible with my motherboard? is it a bad drive? does it need a firmware update/hack? when It was detected it showed version 1.60 under nero.

If a need to buy another stuff, what should I look for?

Sorry for this long post, I would really like to get this thing working right.

Thanks in advance.


bad drives from matshita

Optiarc AD-5540A


Might be a loose connection with the drive, try reinstalling it, the drive not the drivers, check for any corrosion or bent pins.


Crazy as it is, i spent like a week finding a driver for this drive to make it work, Just when i gave up and reinstalled my old drive, I found out I wasn’t pushing all the way in due to an uneven cut on the sheet metal surrounding the connector, after playing with it for quite some time it clicked ant now it works like a charm. it was in fact a loose connection on the drive.

Now I know matshita makes bad drives, lets se how long this one lasts.

Thanks for the prompt reply and happy weekend.




:bigsmile: indeed

all ive read is bad reports about these drives. i hope you prove them all wrong. :slight_smile: its kinda hard to find relevant information about matshita drives. :wink:

i personally dont have a matshita nor do i know anybody with a matshita drive. if you could please give us an update to how the drive is functioning that would be great.

i dont know if matshita drives are compatible with cd-dvd speed or other such drive testing programs. but if so could you please post relevant information. :cool:

could you also please save a report from vso inspector and copy/paste the info into a reply.




Sorry a little OT…3 out of 4 of the above mentioned drives have a bad connection when people bring them to me with " my drive does not work right". As the poster said they seem to be plugged in right and they are not. As for the drives ablities they are about a 6.5 on a ten scale for a non-SATA laptop drive.


…when people bring them to me…

may you tell us where you work and what you do. :slight_smile: me, im just a lowly production worker for the Scotts CO.

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