Matshita UJ-840D help!

Hi there everybody, I have a sony vaio notebook PCG-7D1M with a matshita drive UJ-840D.

All I want to do is update the driver and/or the firmware for that drive.

I’ve been having several problems with all writing software ever since I installed nero (aproximately 20 percent burning success rate). Nero is now uninstalled and gone (I am sad to say), I have roxio, itunes, vso (great converter), lots of small free burners of the web and windows media burner, all of these will hardly ever burn an audio cd (esepcially if the music is a podcast or from itunes).

After trying all these burners (at least 10 in total) I have come to the conclusion that my drive is just not working properly. I have followed several threads with similar problems but all of the solutions offered just don’t seem to be compatible (downloaded drivers but wont install, updates wont install). Even the sony website link doesn’t list the model number of my notebook!!

Can anyone advise me of drivers/updates/solutions or do I just need another cd burning software program (please advise).

All of the problems started when I first learnt how to download films and cut them to dvd, was advised to download nero for the quick conversion rates to dvd format. Ever since then, even though nero has gone, writing any data is very unpredictable.


See the curse?!?

:confused: Don’t understand dude!!, what curse!! :confused:

Anyway, it’s pretty unimportant now, my disk drive was just dirty!! DOH!!! :doh: everything’s running sweet now!!

:cool: :bow: VSO rocks :bow: :cool:

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I Have The Same Sony Vaio With Drive, My Son Has Now Lost The Setup Disk And I Dont Want To Pay Sony For The Replacement Can You Help…please :slight_smile:

Nope, it is still copyrighted software.
You would have to ask Sony.

I too have the same problem did you manage to get hold of the drivers

Did you manage to get the drivers if so please let me know.

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Most part of the time, recording problems are related with small particles of powder acumulated over the lens. Clean it with a disc lens cleaner and GO AHEAD !

As the last poster mentioned it is most likely the lens needing to be cleaned. I went through all of the above mentioned attempts to fix the problem…firmware update, driver update…none of it worked. I wet my finger and cleaned the lens…presto it worked fine.