Matshita uj-840D =FRUSTRATION



Backed up about 50 dvds with little problem. That was the past.Now it transcodes just fine but, at about 85% of the burning process, cyclic redundency error. i have 85% of a movie. This is making me very angry. What could it be. Media=TY Thank you SONY VIAO WITH A uj-840D Running current versions of anydvd and dvdclone.


Hi folks,
I’m trying to make my dvd, matshita uj-840d region free and I couldn’t find any good solution yet. Has anybody found anything like that?
Thanks a lot


Regarding Any DVD, so far I know that if you cracked with Any DVD then the driver won’t match with the region and probably that’s the reason why you’ve been having problems when you copy DVD’s


i am not concerned with region codeing. I am having problems with completeing the burning process. It craps out about 85% during the writing process. Whats up?


How about trying some different software like shrink and decrypter.



Please respect our forum rules and do not corsspost. One thread is sufficient. The error at 85% suggests some sort of error with the burner itself. Have you checked to see if Sony offers any firmware updates? Have you tried lens cleaning? Is the burn time (at least, up to the 85% point) still the same as before? If so and if the things suggested don’t help, your drive may be dying a premature death, which is not too uncommon for the more delicate laptop drives; contact Sony support about possibly a replacement.


Matshita drives are a pain to crack (they in fact go above and beyond the specified behavior for a RPC Phase II drive), and unfortunately, there is no region-free solution at the moment, and there is a good chance that there won’t ever be one.