Matshita UJ-832D

Model: Sony Vaio VGN-TX2XP


DVDRW - Matshita UJ-832D

Region = 2

Note: Please do dont recommend Region Free + Css (it does not work with this DVD drive)

Best solution: Is there an alternative to allow to watch movie from any region?

Alternative Solution: To manually set the region code when i watch a dvd.

Thanks to all who will post good ideas!

Signed: The old I.T. guy

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Can you repeat in a clearer manner what is the problem? I can’t understand your question. Are you asking how to watch movies from different regions without changing the drive region?

Last month the owner of the Sony was able to watch any DVD from any region with DVD region free + Css installed, snice a few weeks now only region 2 dvd are able to be viewed.

I have uninstalled/ reinstalled region free
I have tried Winxp system restore back to earlier dates
I cannot change the region of the players in DVd properties, the 3 time have been used.

Still nothing works… it a dam mystery or hidden Microsoft or hardware manufacturer protection.

Any ideas…please my computer friends… :slight_smile:

If the drive’s region already was changed 5 times, there is no way to change it again. I’m not sure if a modded firmware can do the work.

Try to download the trial version of anyDVD to see if it solve the problem.

I have read in another post that there is no software solution for Matshita drives, i am not if true or not.

I will try installing anydvd, “what have i got too loose”

Thanks Geno888, I will post the result

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I hope that anyDVD will solve

Any DVD does not work, but a less it gave a reason why

The firmware for this Matshita UJ-832D is RPC2 which does not allow reading from scrambled sectors. If recommends installing an older firmware revision with RPC1, which does not exist for this model.

Not worth the risk to install an older firmware not meant for this model, as it will make it unusable.

Result: No solution available

Check here

if there is a proper firmware for this drive

There is nothing you can try with except VLC tool anbd dvd43.

There is no way of resetting the regioncounter and there is no way to do a vendor reset with this drive…


Who told you that nonsense?