Matshita UJ-832

I just picked up a Sony Vaio with a Matshita UJ-832 drive and it seems that AnyDVD does not work with this drive. I’ve tried DVD Region+CSS Free and that doesn’t seem to do the job either.

I have a licensed copy of AnyDVD so I’d prefer to use that, does anyone have any experience with this drive?

It does work, but you must set your drive to match the region of the disc.

i also don’t think there’s any RPC-1 firmware for this drive, so i’d be carfull about changing the region of the drive or you might lock it.

Yes, Matsushita (Panasonic) drives are a no-go for people who want to watch DVDs from different regions.
I can only suggest to boycott equipment having Matsushita drives.


but you’d think sony would put their own (branded) drives in their laptops

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Suggest viewing the below Forum posting and note the comments by SlySoft in posting #2 of the referenced posting concerning Matshita DVD drives.

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I’ll bet that’s why Sony (big in the movie business) puts those bloody Matsushita drives into their computers! They have a vested interest in supplying single region capability.


No, I think they use them because they are cheap to get. Money is everything when building computers. It is hard to find a small computer without Matsushita drives, they are in IBM/Lenovo Laptops, Apple Powerbooks, Apple iMacs, even in Toshiba Laptops…

good thinking, never thought of that :cool:

Thanks for that and my apologies for not using the search function. My only excuse is that it was early :o