Matshita UJ-831

2x is approx. 30min
2.4x is approx 24min
4x is approx 15min
8x is approx 8-9min
16x differs from approx 6 to 8min, mainly because of the used write-method.

Hi chef:

I have a SONY VGN-FS18GP laptop and a Matshita UJ831Da1.01 drive. I tried downloading from your link from above, but it’s taking me to a japanese site. Can you direct me to right place? Also, does the flashware that you are providing work on my drive? I’m mainly just trying to use my DVD player to watch DVDs from other regions.

Doesn’t look good actually, link is probably dead and I’ve searched the site and found nothing for this drive…

Thanks Chef:

It’s a shame that there are no viable solutions out there, but I appreciate you trying. I do have an older laptop and I guess that one won’t retire just as yet…



you should poke on SONY. “Flood” them with emails asking for an firmware update. Just say things like “Verbatim media is not supported at their rated speeds”.

They should at least give you an good answer. :wink:

In response to garryhuang’s comment, I also have the same problem with watching DVDs from other regions. I have a Matshita UJ-832s. If anyone has found a solution to this, please post a reply.

in the official asus forum one guy proposed this solution:

Try the following.
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

If ‘Upperfilters’ eller ‘Lowerfilters’ is there, delete them.

Remove the driver from the HW list, and restart…



i’ve not tried it yet, but i’m not sure about the conseguences it may cause…


I own TOSHIBA M45-S355 which came with Matshita UJ-831.

I have noticed that this section is also updated with the new TOSHIBA driver 1.02

:flower: Should I use this or not? My nero limits to 2x on DVD takes FOREVER… :sad:


This 1.02 should work fine for your drive.
However, try to only use high quality media with this drive!

This solution has nothing to do with the regioncode protection at all.
It does work to resolve media recognition problems in windows.

i see… and about the writing speed ?? once the media recognition is fixed the drive should work properly… or not ?

Only with high quality media like with all MatSHITa drives/burners.

I’ve got the same UJ-831S on a Satellite m40-232.
I’ve downloaded the upgrade 1.02 but when i tried to upgrade it said:
The target drive is not connected.

Maybe i’ve got a newer firmware version?
I’ve got the 1.40 but i ve got problem when i burn dvds in multi session.
Afetr 1 min it give me the error. If i burn a dvd in single session it works.


Where do you check the firmware of the drive? All I could find is the Windows driver version info… :confused:

Either using msinfo (command shell) or Discinfo (tool).


I have finally found a solution to watching DVD from other regions that is free. (Well, in my case I actually paid for DVDIdle Pro but you dont have to have it for this to work).

I have a Mashita UJ831 1.01Da driver and I have installed a program called “patin-couffin” (Goole search it, its your first result). Install it first, reboot and then find a program called “DVD43” (also goole search, its your first result). Install DVD43, reboot.

Then when you boot your computer, you should have a yellow face next to your computer clock. Insert any DVD, (dont run your DVD player yet) then after reading the DVD, the face should turn a ‘cheeky green’ which means that it has broken the region protect.

Now run your DVD program (I have WinDVD 5 platinum) and you should be able to watch DVD from a different region to what is currently set.

Hope this works for all!!!


WinDVD is known for making trouble…

Better use PowerDVD or to use free software take DVD43 and VideoLanClient! :wink:

DVDIdle and similar software solutions will NOT work on most of all MAtshita drives as mentioned by the authors on their site…

Any suggestions???

mmm a firmware downgrade generally is not possible…

the problem may be caused by a bad media… did you try a quality media like TDK, Philips or Verbatim ?

It was just with +RW!
Tried with +R everything’s ok!!

But why i can’t upgrade??
What does Drive not connected mean???