Matshita uj-822s

hi, i have a problem.

got a thinkpad t43 with a matshita uj-822s so called multi piece of crap dvd drive…
the problem is just right now it took me 27 times to reinsert an empty dvd in order for the drive to recognize it. original dvd’s for example movies run the first time without problems… i tried this on winxp, ubuntu, slackware, and centos always the same result…

why is this happening?

Clean the drive (lens cleaner).

I had exactly the same issue with my T42. After having search on the WEB, I understood it is not related the driver etc. So, I detached the combo unit from thinkpad (it’s easy) and used loop to see if there is some dirt on the lens. I noticed that there is an angled mirror under lens. I used a toothpick with special lens cleaner agent to clean it under a loop. It worked well. I hope it helps you either. (you may see the picture enclosed to post —>