Matshita UJ-822Da dvd writer problem...please help

I desparately need help…I have a peculiar problem…

  1. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-S38GP laptop and it has a Matshita UJ-822Da dvd writer, that came along with the machine.
  2. Of late, I’m facing a bit of a problem with this writer. I use this mostly to burn CDs (primarily music), so the problems I’m reflecting here relate only to the CD writing function. I’m not sure if the same thing would happen if I were to write DVDs.
  3. I use Nero software to burn CDs. And now the problems…
  4. The first problem relates to a very erratic response of the writer in burning music (or other files) on CDs. Very often, it gives an error message after some time, in which case the CD I’m burning on becomes useless. I’ve had to throw away dozens on them.
  5. But sometimes it does manage to burn the music or files on the CDs. If it does, my Vaio cannot read it! When I put in the CD, it shows up empty.
  6. However, when I play the same CD in another computer (I have a Lenovo too), it plays faultlessly!
  7. The medium I use is Amkette CDs or Moserbaer CDs.
    Could someone please help…

You are in the wrong forum. This is the Liteon/Sony forum.