Matshita Uj-820s


I am new to this fantastic forum, I had a good look before joining :slight_smile:

I have a Toshiba Satellite A70 Laptop. The DVD drive in it, it has been set to I believe region 4 “Australia” by the DVD ROM Firmware. :a

I have tried “AnyDVD” and other software products, to try and get my other region DVD movies to play ie Region 1 and 4 etc.

My DVD drive is: IDE\CDROMMATSHITA_DVD-RAM_UJ-820S_1.50_5&1CD2B8A9&0&0.0.0

Can anyone assist me with this problem. Ie “Are there any Firmware updates” to make my DVD drive “Region Free”.
Or if not, does anyone know of any software that is 110% GTD’ed.

Kind Regards,
Darren. :bow:

No, unfortunately, there is no firmware region free solution, nor will the brute force rip/playback software help for this Matsushita drive :frowning:

Hi Dave,

I appreciate your quick reply to my delema. Even though there are no solutions yet, I will keep my ear to the ground so to speak and hope a solution is developed soon.


yo, is there any place for regular firmware upgrades (ie not region free, from manufactorer) for this drive? Also why don’t you just use ANYDVD by slysoft to get rid of the region free crap… it works great.



After reading your problem this afternoon , I also joined. I have the same problem. I am on assignment in Russia and got locked into region 5. Same exact drive UJ-820S. Toshiba Satellite A75S2112. I have tried all softwears in the market, Any DVD, 45, CSS and others and nothing works. I tried CSS region free trial and worked, after purchase and installtion it stoped working (DVD was not scrambled). I did not get any refund. I have not been able to find any firmware either. And new unit cost $300.00. Problem is you can not install aftermarket stuff, Toshiba made sure of that.

Any one out there have a solution please let us know.



Buy an external drive and make sure it doesn’t come from Panasonic, Mashita or Masushita!!!