Matshita UJ-815


I own a Matshita UJ-815 dvd-burner (it came with the laptop, so don’t lynch me). It worked well so far, but when I tried to write a TDK DVD-RW disk, I couldn’t get it to recognize the dvd-rw in Nero
On the back of the dvd-rw case, it says:
“This disc conforms to the DVD-RW version 1.2 2-4x standard”. I tried to find a firmware update for the Matshita, but I could not find any. Therefore, I ask you: what can I do to fix this issue?

Thank you very much in advance.


I had a Panasonic UJ-812 in my T42 which the 815 is a variation on. I have to say I was not that impressed. It would not burn any 4x media I put in it like MCC, TYs or Ritek. It would not burn any 4x -RWs. The two brand of 2x -RWs that I found Maxell(Optodisc) and Fuji(MCC) burned OK, but could not be erased in the drive or on either of my desktop drives a BenQ DW1620 or NEC ND-3520A. Plus it is getting increasingly harder to find 2x media. I updated the firmware, ide driver, software, etc. to no avail. My general impression of -RW media is that it is not that great. I finally sold the drive and got an external NEC ND-6500A which is a much better drive. Leave the extra battery in the bay. I guess the best thing to do is find some 2x media. Good Luck.

thank you!