Matshita uj 812

hi there guys

i have a vaio z1xsp which im selling, but im having issues with my optical drive.

it is a matshita uj 812, and the issue i have is that cd read ability of the drive is about zero! i was wondering if anyone knew of any drive ‘checkers’ i could try or any where i could get another one of these drives from

the drive is running the latest firmware released 16 sep 2004, however the problem was present before firmware upgrade.

dvd read ability is fine, infact i have just reinstalled windows using it!!

dvd/cd write ability unknown

advance thanks for any help in this matter.


Boot into DOS and try to read a CD.

If it fails and cleaning it doesn’t help, then the cd part is dead.

this mornig have managed to use drive reading cds for about an hour and then functionality stopped. Any body know where i could get a replacement drive from?