Matshita uj 811 H100, Help with firmware?

I’ve found the upgrade firmware on but it does’nt run installation after download. Where can I find it? Does updating firmware enable more brands of CD’s/DVD’s to be read/write in the drive?

well the uj-811 firmware update might help the drive recognize some new CD & DVD support, however the firmware updates are OEM specific, meaning they only work on certain brands of laptops.

The Mashita UJ-811 firmware updates I’ve known about only work under NEC laptops (H102 & H103) and IBM laptops (H107). If you have a UJ-811 drive but don’t own an IBM or NEC notebook computer you can’t use these firmware updates. These UJ-811 firmware upgrades DO actually check to see if the drive is “connected” to an NEC or IBM notebook computer.

what kind of notebook computer do you have, GoingNutts? If it’s not an IBM or NEC based laptop, then you can’t use any firmware updates for the UJ-811 drive.