Matshita UJ-810 not recognized? Help!

I have a Sony Vaio pcg-frv35 notebook, it came with a Matshita UJ-810 dvd-r combo drive.

The drive is not being recognized as a burning drive though? it worked fine before but one day when using shrink to encode and burn with nero it said “waiting for compatable burning media” or some shit. I had blank media in the drive though?

When i open up dvd decrypter in the drop down box to select the device to use it says “no compatible burning device found”. Same thing with nero.

In my device manager it shows i have Matshita UJ-810. I did a system restore and it worked fine for a little bit then stopped working. I also have an external Memorex 16x DL that is working fine and its the same media i’ve always used so i don’t know what the problem is???

The matshita reads other discs. but won’t burn or recognize any blank media. I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall and when loading the firmware it said i didn’t have a compatible device for the firmware??? i know it was the correct firmware though???

Would installing nero cause this problem???

Dirve probably dead.

Try with other media.

This drive is infamous for not being that reliable. I had a few in my Toshiba Satellite 5205 and replacement meant sending the machine to Toshiba. By the third replacement…they put their own SD-1612 in my machine instead of the UJ-810. The 810 was good when it worked…but very delicate and died easily. Would no longer read nor write…and oftentimes…the little power light would just stay on…as if stuck seeking for media…If you are still under warrantee…talk to Sony…if not…see if there is a replacement drive that will fit in your machine. My problem was that Toshiba has a custom bezel that won’t fit just any drive…so I have to go back to them…not crazy about that.