Matshita SW-9585 Problem

My Matshita SW-9585 will recognize and play DVD’s. It will not recognize a DVD -R either blank or with files on it. I have reloaded allof the drivers but still no go.

Any suggestions?


i have Matshita SW-9585 too
I have problems with the DVD region. I installed DVDRegion+CSS free, but it’s not working.
Please help!!!

I found this
Matshita drives are the most restrictive

no firmware

I am sorry to say, but I feel that anyone that has the unfortunate chance of owning or buying any Mat[B]SHIT[/B]a drive is just wasting their hard earned money as they will not read nor write to any DVD media. They only thing they will write to is CD media and why would you buy a drive that is supposed to have the DVD-R, +R, RW capability just to write to CD’s. My condolences to all that have had the misfortune of being duped out of your money by the uselessness of those drives