Matshita SW-9585.... Please Help!

I have downloaded from and now have the new B101… but what do I do next? Nothing seems to have changed, and I still need to manually change the region to play DVD’s… The counter’s going down and I don’t want to run out… All I want to do is make my drive region-free… can’t be that hard can it?

What do you expect??
Have you read the sticky for Matshita drives??

The links listed for your drive ALL show clearly: [B]RPC-2[/B]!

Finally, a reply!!

But can you shed some light? RPC-2… I have no idea what you’re talking about… So what do I need to do?

Google is your friend…

Thanks Chef, but what can I do about it?

Surely I’m not doomed to to be stuck with 1 crappy region?

I thought there was a way u can reset the figure back to 5, or something like that?

There are too many ppl with rpc-2 for there not to be a solution…

No one can reset them, Matshita could, but they never will do.

Try with VLC tool.