Matshita SW-9581 video DVD



Help please.

I bought a new PC with a DVD burner the SW-9851 but it does not burn DVD+R or +RW so as far as I can see I cant burn to run on my stand alone DVD player.

Is ther a fix, patch or a miracle I can use please.



hi, unfortunately the drive you have purchased does not allow +R and +RW burns. that drive only supports -R/W and -RAM. i am pretty sure that you can burn on -R/W medias and play it on your stand alone player. if you have a player that uses -RAM, that’s another choice. i use TDK and Fujifilm medias and it works on my Sony DVD player. :slight_smile:


You have actually got the most compatible format from my experience. You can write on DVD-r which as long as you compile the disc correctly and finalize the disc it will work on just about all DVD players. I have the Panny drive and not found a DVD player that does not like the discs.


What make blanks do you use ?