Matshita SR-8171

Greetings and one mention is the firmware upgrade for the NEC-3540A from this site is definatetly one for the books. Installed and works perfect, better then ever. I do have an issue with the DVD reader installed in my IBM 600E. Using VSO Inspector and other firmware readers I’ve found out why this reader is causing me such grief and had to purchase an external DVD reader writter. Most CD’s will not read and cause the CD reader to hang. The firmware version is 076B and can’t seem to find out if there is a better version except for one that I was very concerned about. I did give me an error on the install but the reader still functions. If anyone reads this and is able to point me in the right direction, kindly send me and Email. thanks in advance … Ecmbuster … I’m the guy who plugs laptops into VW’s and Audi’s with a few others that are too long to mention.

079G is the only available for this drive:

I tried that site some time ago with errors returning when logging onto the FTP site (550 failed to change director) I did find the same firmware on other sites but reading the setup file indicates that the firmware is for a Solo 2500 only. This file could be mistaken as a firmware upgrade for the Matshita SR-8171. Trying it in Dos mode (boot disk) nothing happens and the drive still functions. Since I want to find a way of writting or discovering a way to enter the prom, any suggetions would be helpful. Thanks in advance

Yeah, link seems to be stone dead…

Couldn’t find anything here too:

Looked at the IBM server also and a correction to earlier statements. CD’s will run in the Matshita drive and so will movies on DVD. It’s the DVD+r and -r that cause me the grief. I did find out the drive can only read ROM. I’ve been told that there may be a “book type setting” found in some software. One way around it is an image and reburn to a ROM setting. Can anyone shed some light on this question?

Use a DVD+R and a burner which supports bitsetting. Set the booktype per software to DVD-ROM and thenburn the content.
The drive will see the disc then as DVD-ROM disc.

I’ll try it out and repost … thanks

With the firmware upgrade, the NEC 3540A does support bitsetting. The burner is flawless. I did read all I could about the bitsetting re:book type and many more pages that I could possibly find (lots on the subject and well done). Using Nero 6.0 and its system info, the DVD’s are read as DVD-ROM on the Matshita and of course the burner reads them as DVD+R. I did find that one of the DVD’s reads as it feels it, depending on the weather (humor) and of course the other has no problem at all. The question is, and I want to add the software that I have,( VSO’s Copy to DVD with Blindwrite, Alcohol120, Nero 6.0, Clone CD/DVD) I still can’t see a tab where I could manipulate the book type setting. Is better and or newer software required? or is there other software available that does a bit more than what I have. As for the firmware on the Matshita, looks like there is none available but would like to find a flash tool that can read and write the firmware at my leisure. Thanks for your time.

Nero 6.0 is obsolete for your 3540.
Update at least to and Booktyping should work.

Nero 7 is now up and running, book types can now be set. On the new burn, there seems to be data errors on some parts of the DVD. Some small data files appear to be damaged. At least the Matshita reads the directory structure of the DVD but will have to work on ensuring the image is read and written correctly. The burner however reads the new DVD perfectly. On a note to any one that looks for Nero 7 as I did (don’t ask) and does have it running, don’t waste your time trying to update or get add ons for your version. You will have to edit (rework) the registry and reinstall it. Been there, done that, got the “T” shirt.

I had similar problems with my SR-8171 drive (it did not recognise data DVD; only original movies and DVDs with authoring), but finally achieved updating its firmware to the only version I found. It now reconises every DVD I’ve tried.

Have a look at: