Matshita Panasonic Sw-9581


Is this a must?
Is this a good DVD-ReWriter?

2 x DVD-Ram®
1 x DVD-RW
12 x CD-R ( DVD ROM )
8 x CD-RW
32 x CD-ROM

4,7 Gb

AnyOne Know This is a Good Investment :confused:
Grtzzz :cool:

i think you should ask yourself very carefully… “do i need the -RAM functionality?”. it seems like -R is the mainstream in the US, and +R is somewhat used, but in Japan, many ppl on forums say -RAM is the way to go. however, this is because many of them go for pure data storage, and they can capture from their famous Canopus MTV2000 or whatever and write to the -RAM disc simultaneously. video editting can be done on the disc at the sametime as well. -RAM are really good because they can detect bad sectors on the disc and skip the sector while writing data, so your data will never be written on a bad sector :slight_smile: on the other hand, this media is not compatible with many comercial dvd players which sucks… :stuck_out_tongue: I bought the Sony DRU500AX for data storage and making some DVD videos. however, i do want the new Panasonic -RAM drive that seems to be pretty good, and popular :stuck_out_tongue: you should decide on what you really want to do with you dvd-writer. if you are going for pure data storage, i would definitely go for -RAM. but unless someone has a -RAM drive, you can’t share the data on the disc :stuck_out_tongue: i hope this can help a little on your decision making!! :slight_smile:

Hi , i have bought one of these drives , soooo good burns all media at x2 with no probs at all , and i thought my AO4 was good

Go get one mate i am thinking of buying another :wink: